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Tires Palermo

We carry out the replacement and repair of tires of any kind.
Pneumatici Palermo


Our centre in Palermo replaces tires of various brands. At our garage you will find new and used tires of high quality and selected by our staff to ensure excellent road holding.

We also carry out the replacement of summer and winter tires.


We also perform the repair of tires of all kinds and sizes. The staff repairs the tires punctured or damaged by normal wear and tear of time. Tire repair can be performed on tires of vehicles of all kinds, such as cars, motorcycles, vans, campers and much more. The repair is carried out by a highly qualified professional staff. We guarantee effective and long-lasting results.
Manutenzione auto
Authorized dealer

Bridgestone tires

The centre is an authorized dealer of Bridgestone brand tires. We have new tires for all types of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, campers and commercial vehicles.

You can find both summer and winter tires. Contact us for more information on the tire replacement and repair services we perform in our garage. Our expert team will be at your disposal to satisfy your needs.