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Car inspection centrePalermo

At our garage you can request the inspection of your vehicle.
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Vehicles inspections

The car inspectioncentre in Palermo carries out the inspection of diesel, petrol or hybrid vehicles. You can request the periodic inspection of your car, your motorbike or any other motor vehicle.

Our staff checks all the mechanical, electrical and braking components. The inspection also provides for the control of the status of all parts of the bodywork. The staff also checks the correct functioning of the horn and lights.


Authorized centre

Our garage is authorized by the local Department of Motor Vehicles to check heavy vehicles up to 3.5 tons. For the inspection of vehicles of this magnitude we rely on a team of highly qualified experts. The staff analyses each part of the vehicle to guarantee safety and efficiency.

Trust our staff! They will check your vehicle quickly.
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Modern tools

Cutting-edge tools

The inspection is carried out in a precise and impeccable way thanks to the use of modern, advanced machinery and tools. We have the latest equipment to ensure guaranteed and reliable results. Contact us for more information on the services we offer.

Call us to book the inspection of your vehicle.